I guess I'll just have to blog.

Been a busy winter break. I guess I’ll start with Christmas.

The whole gang was here. My stepbrother Jason visits for holidays, so he was here in all his Down’s syndrome glory. We usually go out to fancy restaurants when he’s around.

For Christmas, I got a Dell Axim X5, a TI GRAPH-LINK, a Comic History of the World book, some shirts and chocolates. I mean, the big-o present was the Axim. Pocket PCs are pretty damn nice… only I got the “Basic” model, so I need some more memory.

For Christmas dinner, we invited a few family friends over, and had porky pork. All very traditional and upper-class Marin style. Niiiiice.

The next day was my birthday. My birthday present (under the damn Christmas tree as usual) was a flatbed scanner! Oh, joy! I scanned this!

For the rest of the day, I really didn’t do much. I just started working on a DWI of “One Winged Angel,” and finished up Friday’s comic.

(The following passage skips frequently from singular to plural first person, but you’ll get the message nonetheless.)

Today, though… I went to the Metreon in San Francisco with my mom and my sister, and we had TEH blast. First, we met up with Mikosi and some of her friends, and played a bit of DDR. To my disappointment, the arcade only had two really old, dumbed-down versions of DDR… titled “Dance Dance Revolution” and “Dance Dance Revolution USA.” and they ate most of my credits.

I was rather disappointed, so we stormed out of the arcade and went upstairs to the movie theater entrances… and THERE were the two DDRMAX2 machines that everyone was talking about. I must have spent $20 on the game (which isn’t much, because each credit costs $2). I garnered up quite a crowd, and I even did better than the token Asian guys that always play there. Boy, am I proud. I even beat Kakumei and was a few steps from beating So Deep. Yup.

I was pooped as poop after that, so we just walked around dazed and read some graphic novels at some book stores. Then we took the super-fast Amazing Ferry (TM) home, and that was the end of that.

Well this blog sure is boring. Oh well. Time to get back to making that OWA DWI.

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