This Love Song Brought to You By Monetary Greed

Come on, Timmy. Give the weekend back its blog.

It all started on a Friday night, when three unsuspecting members of the Faden family came across a new DISCOVERY! on Fourth Street. It was just a crêperie – or WAS it? It seemed like a crêperie from the outside. The stoves looked like stoves made for preparing crêpes. But what this small bit of property really is will surprise you –

It actually IS a crêperie.

Unbeknownst to Jeffrey, the strong, dashing young All-American teenager with a Heart of GoldTM but beknownst to his younger sister Lily’s soccer coach, the latter of the two actually OWNED the crêperie. OWNED.

She beknew it because she beOWNS it, of course.

Ellen, the Jewish Mother From The Upper-West Side with an Arthritis of GoldTM, ordered the galette du saumon. It was too HOT!

Lily, the You-Go-Girl of the class of 2008 with a Webcam Backstory of GoldTM, ordered a butter lettuce salad with prosciutto. It was too COLD!

Jeffrey ordered a galette du jambon et des œufs, and it was JUST RIGHT. 😀

The End

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