Thank God

Thanksgiving is over, and so is the hassle. Almost non-stop this weekend (starting Tuesday afternoon), I’ve been working on CAR #50. The animation, which is rather large for a high school senior’s free-time standards, took me 2 solid days of work to complete… that’s about a week of production. The hardest part, believe it or not, was the simplest part – the lip syncing. It took an average of half an hour for me to get the lips right on each line – and seeing as the animation is 24 FPS, that’s often pure blocks of 24 different lip movements a second. If only James would slow down while talking. (haha, just kidding.)

I am now the rightful owner of the word “AWESOME AMAZING” so don’t use it.

I didn’t do anything but work on the animation on Wednesday, but on Thursday, I DID celebrate Turkey Day, or, as some people call it, “Thanksgiving,” as if they really show they’re thankful by stuffing their faces.

My sister and I usually go out to a fancy restaurant with my dad, stepmom, and stepbrother – one that often looks the San Francisco Bay, and one that consists of a set four-course meal at a set four-course price, but this year was a welcome change. We went to the house of the relatives of a friend of my mom’s. It was a really nice place, in the upper-class Larkspur area, and the food just kept on comin’.

Believe it or not, there was another dog there named Java – she was a large standard poodle, but had just as much energy as my Java would have in begging for scraps.

It was great, for once, to be among a bunch of new friendly faces, and to make as much noise and conversation as I would like, than to just sit and have dinner at a restaurant like I usually would. I did have to mention how my college application was going about a million times, and I got dirty looks that I’m interested in going to UC Santa Cruz… oh well. Don’t like going to a humanities-inclined school with a bunch of pot-smoking hippies? Go somewhere else.

Wait a second… I’d rather not go to a humanities-inclined school with a bunch of pot-smoking hippies… uh, whatever, they have a Digital Media major.

Also, if you missed it –


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