Nutty Flinders McNuts


After spending a day of getting my college essay done (I will NOT post it because you will plagiarize and then no one will be allowed to get into college ever!), I picked up James who got Sophie to come and then we went to Starbase where we met Bryan and Adam and played some DDR. Then we had some more crêpes. I had one with THE SAUSAGES and then we threw them on the ground when we weren’t done. I drove everyone to San Francisco all by myself (with everyone else) and then we saw some improv. It was a Western-themed improvisational play, and Bryan was fortunate enough to call out the name “The Man With No Spurs” and the fun began. Insert basic plot of a western here with lots of funny awkward pauses and the best scene changes (through light cuts) ever. I had a Wonka Bar and then we all drank Coca-Cola bottles and annoyed people by blow-meing them. We went HOME! and my radio started to work again. More DDR ensued, and then I drove everyone home like the best driver in the world.

Everyone else will have something to say about this so don’t listen to me.

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