Adam's Magical Mystery Hat


I was supposed to go to the monthy children’s service at my temple yesterday, but Hannah called in and invited me over to her school’s homecoming parade.

I met up with Adam and Bryan over at Cold Stone Creamery (or Stone Cold Steve Ice Cream) and Adam told us of his tale of his MAGICAL MYSTERY HAT. He can probably tell it better himself but oh well.

Earlier that day, Adam was hanging around Albertson’s wearing a top hat, part of his Tuxedo Mask costume for Halloween. Some guy came up to Adam and Bryan asking for change for 20 dollars. He said that if they went across the street any Albertsons and just got–


Two 5’s and three 1’s, then they could keep two dollars. Of course, there were still five dollars left in the whole deal, so–


The man thought it over a few more times and then said that although he was black, he wasn’t a “nigga” and so he wouldn’t cheat them or something. Adam can fill in the rest of the story in the comments.

So anyway, he finished telling us of this epic tale, and then this homeless, stoned, drunk guy came up to Adam and started talking to him about how this guy tried selling him two blunts for $70 and then how his mom have him $500 in Macy’s coupons. Then he said that he has two beers under a tree and that he’ll be sleeping here (downtown San Rafael) for the night. Interesting. Keep in mind that I’m probably leaving out the best parts, so Adam will fill you in.

We think all this happened because of his magical hat.

Anyway, Hannah finally arrived and Paul didn’t, and while thinking about what to do for dinner, the San Rafael homecoming parade started. We followed it down the street… the floats were… well… I can’t really say – I’ve never been to a homecoming parade. I got impatient and ran into this new pizza place while we were following the parade, and I said I’d catch up to everyone else after I order a slice. Turns out they had to make the pizza from scratch, so by the time I ordered it and arrived at San Rafael High School (where the parade ended), the game was underway. The pizza wasn’t really that good, either.

Anyway, we four peoples created complete disarray in the game – from yelling out the Homestar Runner theme to rooting for the visiting team to shouting “YOU SUCK” at the homecoming queen (that rhymed just a bit too well), we were only asked to be a bit more quiet once, and after that we pretty much leaned on each other.

I hit Adam in both heads multiple times with my empty bottle of Code Red.

Then we went to Hannah’s where we saw Homestar‘s Greatest Hits and saw some scary WMVs from Adam’s websites, the URLs of which I’m sure he will provide.

And then I drove them home like a maniac and went to bed.

The next day, I passed every song originally available in DDRMAX, woot woot.

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