A lot of exciting events are coming up this weekend. I’ll just mention them here so I don’t forget about any of them later.

Tonight I see my drama and choir teacher, Ms. Stroeh, sing at a local bar. She’s started a singing career last year and already has her second CD in the works, and has become an international sensation (that is, in San Rafael and some pub in London that she sang in). She goes under the stage name “Moxyblue” and composes, writes, sings and plays all of her own music.

Tomorrow, James is throwing a DDRty at his house… sorta. We’re inviting people from our DDR Club to come and modify some pads with us so they’re more durable and stationary (the process involves plywood… wackiness ensues). I heard we might also be watching a movie. Maybe the Lion King or the Little Mermaid to please, ahem, the entire audience.

And on Sunday it’s my currently unpaid teacher’s aide position for a while, and then I go to my school’s Senior Girl Car Wash, which will definitely be the source of at least one comic.

That’s all, Jeffrey. I hope you remember to go to all of them.

Thanks, I’ll try.

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