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Dammit, Giants, and you were doing so well…

I went to the Oasis finally, but a lot of no one was there. At least I got to hang out with a few old faces… a few Terra Linda grads and other people I haven’t seen in years. James and I also asked to be offered drugs so we could JUST SAY NO. We also played a lot of DDR as always (time to freestyle it / don’t kick the can-baby) and Chris was there.

Next day – wow, that’s today! – I “went to the gym” which really consisted of going to a nearby Tully’s to pick up one of their amazing Espresso Shakes and Marble Pound Cake, and then spending ten minutes on a treadmill. Hell, I had to get back to play Kingdom Hearts. That’s a good enough reason.

Then I went to see Sale of a Deathman put on by my school’s drama department. Acting- and tech- wise, it was probably the best performance I’ve ever seen them do. And let me tell you, the kids at my school can act. Specifically, the people who played Biff (Ben Muller) and, uh, Willy’s wife (Veronica Mannion) were simply awesome – they both brought me to tears (OMG I AM SO GAY).

And then I DIDN’T watch Bowling for Columbine like I originally had intended. I wanted to see the latest creation of what Pom Pom dressed up as, because I just recently saw his “Roger and Me” and that got its point across pretty damn well, although I totally disagree with his viewpoint.

Instead, I played Kingdom Hearts for 5 hours. Woot, Dan Castellaneta and Gilbert Gottfried are both in it. People complaining about Disney’s lack of advertising budget for KH should at least be happy about Disney’s voice actor budget.

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