Today’s CAR stars Omid, who we’ve mentioned multiple times before because of his annoying catchphrases. Although he’s probably the most distinguishable character of them all, it’s really weird – he’s the hardest to draw. I often succeed in drawing accurate representations of my characters through clever placement of lines for eyes, but Omid, for some reason, was just really hard to draw.


Anyway, I can’t believe I haven’t played Kingdom Hearts yet, but my daimn SAT IIs are coming up in 2 weeks. So there’s no Disney/Square crossover goodness with Haley Joel Osment pronouncing it “TEEDUS” like it SHOULD BE until after that. And then there are college applications. Wow. Just lots of stuff to go over. At least I’m surviving so far in school this year.

Speaking about that! I got a really expensive TI-89 calculator off eBay. It’s like the Rolls-Royce of calculators. 3D graphing, pretty print equations, a solver, and MARIO. I can’t believe it’s allowed on the SAT IIs, but why challenge a big plus to my college chances. Just as long as I don’t lose it or it doesn’t break in the next day or so, I’m set.

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