For those of you in Central Time Zone, Happy Father’s Day. I got my dad a headset for his cellphone, and a fake report card, saying I got all A’s, and on the back it says I got an A in “Manipulation of Report Cards.” Har har har.

And I finally submitted and got one of those spiffy LED lights… and God DAMN are they bright. And it says they last 110,000 hours or something. Weird shit.

Speaking about shit, there was that South Park episode where they said “shit” 162 times. Fun stuff.

And I’m throwing a party next weekend, probably on Sunday. I’m telling everyone to bring their DDR pads, yay.

I can’t really type anything massive because I can’t stop thinking about my arms, which are in tremendous pain right now. I started working out with a personal trainer yesterday, and his upper body workout is a killer. No pain no gain. But OUCH.

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