Boy, do I love Fark. And, uh, since I can’t put a link inside a link, here’s Fark.

Over the weekend, James, my dad, and I went to Ye Olde Movie Theatre to see what James calls “Spider: Episode Man.” I quoted him because you need to go to his site right now and because I can’t think of a better parody title. I thought that it was the best comic character adaptation I had ever seen. Spiderman wasn’t bent on bringing love and happiness and flowers to the world for no reason like Superman, and was a cooler representation of a black little skinny thing than Batman. It’s probably because Stan Lee produced the movie that it had such a realistic feel to it, but kept the comic book attitude (the movie X-Men was also a good work of his). I thought the action scenes were amazing, mostly because there was a lot of emotion in each one. (Especially the one after Uncle Ben DIES. That’s not a spolier, since you’re supposed to know that from the comic… I did.) Of course, I was a bit disturbed with an explosion at a freaking NEW YORK LANDMARK, and I found it cheesy to have him grasp an American flag in the last scene. But eh, that’s the movie industry.

Also about movies, we finished Metropolis in my anime club, meaning that the club’s over for the rest of the year. I’m getting a lot of support from members of the club, so I plan to continue it next year (even though I showed all the really good ones this year). And I’ve already got a list of animes… Princess Mononoke (which I’d promised not to show this year because of a dare), Spirited Away (by the same people), and Barefoot Gen (the most brutal anime I know of… and it’s historical fiction). Hooray for anime!

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