Note: the following opinions are largely uneducated and reminiscent of Jim’s rants from The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Last week, America was sad. They were in a complete slump. So far, we haven’t been successful in finding Osama bin Laden (awww, I’m shedding a tear), and the war on terrorism has been yielding widely unsuccessful results. Boo, hoo, hoo.

This week, some MORON in the media feels like changing everyone’s attitude and puts the blame on Bush, saying that he could have EASILY prevented the crap that happened last September. He knew EVERYTHING. He knew the NAMES of the people who would sabotage the planes, he knew the EXACT time and place, and he even knew the number of people who would die. (By the way, I’m kidding for God’s sakes, but you get the idea.)

All of a sudden, the media is filled with anti-American slush about “WHAT BUSH KNEW.” And all of my “smarter” friends are starting to rant on about how the whole attack was a conspiracy and a coverup all of a sudden – like Bush wanted the attack to happen. This is completely STUPID. No elected official in a democratic government – let alone his administration which actually does all the thinking – would martyr 3,000 of their own people for no reason.

And so now we’re thrown into this state of mistrust of the government – a phase that should have passed by months and months ago. This is a perfect example on how the biased media can so easily move the public from patriotic to anarchist with just one week of press releases.

One last note – it comes as no surprise to me at ALL that U.S. intelligence knew about these attacks. Threats are made all the time – they have been made before and after 9/11. And even though it may seem surprising that the government didn’t take many precautions to prevent it, keep in mind that these threats were made BEFORE the actual attack happened, and the country went into such a state of high alert. Now of course AFTER the attack, a false threat towards bridges on the west coast is responded to by a flood of National Guard troops. Of COURSE there wasn’t much effort made to stop the attack.

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