Although barely anyone who hears my MIDIs on the net know who really made them, it’s always good to come across my work being put to use.

I guess my FFX Piano Theme MIDI was needed so badly before the game came out that some fool put it up as a converted MP3 on KaZaA. Without knowing it, I had it on my drive for a while. (I know it’s mine because it’s got the same imperfections). So if you’re bored, you may be able to find my piano version converted by some person. It’s called “Nubuo Uetmatsu – Final Fantasy X Intro Theme” (and remember to mispell Uematsu’s name… whoever converted it was illiterate). Although I don’t mind that my work is so popular without my having proper praise for it, I’m glad that I copyright my work and give each MIDI a signature so no one else can take credit for it. (I enjoy hunting down those who do.)

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