I finished a new MIDI, God of Emptiness. Next on the list is the Golden Sun World Map theme. Boy, do I have a lot of requests. Fortunately, I currently don’t have a lot of homework, so I’ve been working quickly. This homework situation might change very quickly, though…

My summer’s work finally paid off! Ben Parker, this artist from Mill Valley, hired me over the summer for $40/hour to make a computer animation with Flash. Although it was a VERY, VERY simple animation, the way it was animated consumed memory like a bitch, and I had to move it across Windows and Mac many times. It wasn’t pretty. But I got around $1000 for it, so that’s nice. Anyway, Ben finally sent over a copy of the final version, complete with music and all. I showed it to the people in my club, and while a bit confused, they seemed to enjoy it.

The animation consists of this white line being drawn around a blue screen, accompanied by music. It forms lots of different shapes, like waves, Greek tilings, the Taj Mahal, Australia, etc. Pretty fun stuff.

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