This weekend, my mom and I drove to Yosemite, and I went snowblading. Big fun for a 3-day weekend.

I recently bought an MP3/CD player. What a great invention. All my mom cares about is that I can fit 200 songs by Bob Marley, CSNY, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Simon & Garfunkel, and more onto one CD-R. So it made for pretty sweet listening during our 5-hour car trip to Yosemite, with our nifty mic-plug-to-audio-tape dealy. I brought an Electronica CD along, and she even enjoyed that. I also got a cigarette-lighter universal DC adapter, so I now can plug most anything into my car.

Anyway, our Yosemite excursion was great. We had originally planned to go skiing elsewhere, but every other major skiing resort in California was completely crammed, and there were no vacancies. But heck, Yosemite is beautiful. And their small Badger Pass ski resort is great.

So the first full day that we were there (we had arrived about midnight after driving a few hours through zero visibility Central Valley fog), we headed on up to Badger Pass through YARTS, a new transportation service that lightens the parking load and exemplifies many from the $20 entrance fee in Yosemite Valley. I was the only snowblader on the whole mountain, so I gained a bit of popularity. While skiing down advanced-level moguls, everyone from the lifts above complimented me on such peculiar-looking things I had on.

For those not in the know, snowblades are just like skis, only about 1/3 as long and more rounded on the edges. I don’t need poles, since I can maneuver them like rollerblades as the name states, and they’re easier to control. (Also, when you take a spill, you don’t have to re-align your pelvis like you do while skiing… you just get back up.)

After tiring from KICKING BADGER PASS’S ASS, I had some really awful barbeque ribs and went back into the Valley. Lots of snow above the valley hadn’t melted, but the two waterfalls in the Valley were pouring at such a perfect rate that I could climb some rocks to get really close to the fall (risking slipping on some boulders, smashing my head open, and getting pounded into the ground by the rushing water).

So the next day, we went back home, with me getting PaRappa the Rapper 2 at an outlet mall along the way.

On Monday, I had planned to do a buttload of work (like I did today), and ended up doing none (like I did today). Instead, I worked on TEH ADVENTRUES OF PUAL CUHN, beat FFX (w00) and PaRappa 2 a few times (00w). The end to FFX didn’t really leave anything hanging, but that was because there was nothing really to hang in the first place. But since I don’t really have anything else to play now, I’ll probably go back and work on getting the ultimate weapons for some reason, even though the weapons I already have are rather freaking powerful.

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