My graphing calculator broke recently. Boo hoo. It was an old Casio with just a few features… nothing very special, but it got the job done. As anyone who goes to school probably realizes by now, everyone owns a TI calculator, not for its features of course but for its games. Yes, GAMES. When I was their age (wtf) I would bring my GAME BOY to school if I wanted games. But still, I needed a replacement. Why get a TI? I mean, all you can really do on it play those crappy games and perhaps graph stuff from time to time… why do that, when…

So I ordered a Handspring Visor instead, and now I am the envy of the whole school since I have better, more KICK-ASS games than they do. Falldown? Puh! Why play that when you can play ZAP 2000!!!

Anyway, yeah. I own a Palm Pilot now. And even though I lost everything and the Palm had a fatal error while transferring files to it, the computer had made a backup right before that. Yes, the Handspring Visor is one cool piece of machinery. And file transfer, even over infrared, is really really fast… or fast enough for me. And of course it has available graphing calculator software.

In other news, I have this 5 page essay due tomorrow. I’ll be able to get it done, but it’s been taking me forever. Being alone, on the computer, with the internet, introduces thousands of possible distractions… like blogging for example, which I haven’t done in a while.

Shrek has really great music… I’m glad they’re coming out with a second soundtrack CD with the orchestrations on it… I’ll be sure to buy it. Harry Gregson-Williams is a great composer, and I’ll reaffirm that statement by appealing to all you gamer folk: he’s making the music for MGS2!

But as for my own music… no time for that. I’m still looking for a nice used digital piano for sale, but eBay and Craig’s List aren’t really presenting me with anything good these days.

My mom has pretty much divorced my stepdad, so he’s now seen as a “roommate.” I never cared at all about their relationship, even from the first mention of marriage. I’m even mentioning it only because I have nothing else to say.

BYEEEE! And read my comic! James is writing stuff for it now!

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