I’ve had what one would call an “Unfortunately/Fortunately” day.

Unfortunately, I had 3 tests and a drama presentation to do today. Fortunately, they all went down pretty well. Especially what I thought would be my hardest… the Honors Chemistry one.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get my part in the play that I auditioned for yesterday. Fortunately, I got a free scholarship ($700 forking dollars) to the Advanced Theater Ensemble at Vector Theater Conservatory. Felix, a Vector veteran as well as a complete WEIRD-ASS (who introduced me to Everything2! Yay!) will see me there, I guess.

Unfortunately, this girl that I wanted to ask to a dance (actually, I didn’t want to, I was COMMANDED by my mom) was feeling pretty bad today. Fortunately, I got to hang out with the stoners after school and see them laugh at my oh-SO-funny jokes!

Unfortunately, we ran out of ink in our printer and I was yet again COMMANDED to bike to Ideal Stationery to buy ink cartriges. Fortunately, while I was there I got some really great pens and pencils for drawing my comic.

Which brings me to my next line of business: Keenspace is finally letting me in! That means I can start showing my webcomic at http://midgard.keenspace.com. So far, I’ve drawn #1, 2, 3, 5, and 6. I’ve been skipping around…

I also made a piano version of Serene Weather from Tales of Phantasia. I love the end of this tune… the rest is, eh, so-so.

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