First: my daily photo thingy has been updated!

Second: Hooray for going a week as a vegetarian! 9 more to go.

Third: I went and bought snaxxx for Porter Senate tonight (8pm at Fireside Lounge!), and while expecting I’d have trouble finding on-campus parking upon my return, I didn’t think I’d have to wait an HOUR. Man some guy totally sniped the parking space I was camping and I got really angry and it was a good thing he left before I could give him a piece of my fist at the bus stop.

Fourth: I almost got arrested and sent to jail for 6 months because I sort of forgot to pay the traffic ticket I got in November! Well not really but my appointment with traffic court WAS overdue, but I just called them and I cleared it up. I’m not gonna fight the ticket; it was only $120… plus traffic school (which I can do online).

Fifth: For the first time since I moved into the dorm four years ago I got written up, and it was by Stephanie! Such irony! But I mean it’s cool I don’t blame her or anything she is just doing her job. I was just playing music too loud with a bunch of peeps in my room is all, nothing too horrible.

Sixth: Oh yeah one more vegetarian thing, yesterday I was having this great pita with tandoori seitan in the dining hall (yes dining hall food can be good), but I was looking at the one I got and I asked the dude who made it if he was sure this was seitan and not chicken, and he was like yeah, so I brought the thing back to my table, had a piece of seitan, but then realized the rest is actual chicken. Curses! I came back and complained and the guy got reprimanded by his superiors. I certainly love being an asshole about things I’ve only been practicing for a week!

Seventh: See Eighth

Eighth: Hello! Welcome to Eighth.


I’m looking for work. I figure I have time to do some freelancing shit, since it’ll get my schedule in place a bit more, and because I feel like being paid to be creative. Aaaaand I don’t know if I’ll be working over the summer, so I don’t want to run out of moneys.

I don’t really know what exactly I want to do, although I’m looking into making ringtones if possible. (Beau if you read this that’s sort of a heads-up! I don’t know if there are any openings) If any of yous guys can think of any place that’s “hiring” or if anyone wants a freelancer for design/music/animation/comics/other stuff then hit me up.

In other news here is a comic I’ll be posting on the communities tomorrow:

Apple TV and iPhone

I’m sort of glad that no new Apple products are being sold today. My 20GB 4G B&W iPod still works fine, as does my phone, and I have no need for their Apple TV as I don’t really buy stuff from the iTunes store… nor do I watch much TV.

Their iPhone DOES look scrumptious, though, but I was really looking for a replacement to my music player. If I get it (in June), I’ll get the 4GB version, as I’d probably still plan on bringing my iPod around with me for dedicated music playing.

Also I’m glad they dropped “Computer” from their name. “Apple, Inc.” is a lot more fitting for the stuff they sell nowadays.

iPod… complete!

For the last… I dunno, year and a half, I’ve been listening to every single song on my iPod and rating it as I go. I have completed my task – every single song currently on my iPod has a rating!* Here’s what my ratings mean:

  • 5 Stars: The best songs.
  • 4 Stars: Songs I’d play around other people.
  • 3 Stars: Songs I personally like.
  • 2 Stars: Needs attention – misnamed, truncated, low bit rate, or maybe I want to remove the entire album.
  • 1 Star: Remove from iPod.

    So I have 587 5-star songs, 2519 4-star songs, and 853 3-star songs… and a few leftover 2-star songs I haven’t dealt with yet. That’s a really good distribution. Ideally everything would be 4- and 5-star, so what I’m doing now is re-listening to everything with a little bit more of a discriminatory ear and considering whether I really enjoy listening to everything – and if not, rating it down.

    Yes, I know it’s really lame to pay so much attention to my choice of music like this. I just like listening to the best stuff is all. Perhaps when I get a new iPod (80GB probably) I’ll throw everything on and make use of playlists a whole lot more… but I’ll still be rating everything.

    I’ll put up a table of my 5-star songs soon.

    *Well, every song HAD a rating until I removed the latest 1-star songs, leaving room for a few more albums. So I have 100 more to go but I’ll just leave those in with the mix and rate ’em as I come upon them.

  • Pre-school

    So a few things happened yesterday.

    First of all I had this amazingly big burrito for lunch with a lot of meat in it and I was

    feeling pretty crappy and all of a sudden I realized I don’t feel like eating meat anymore. I

    can probably go without it for a while, as tasty and filling as it might be. Since I’m trying

    to lose weight and also expand my horizons food-wise, I’m going to try going vegetarian for

    10 weeks. I tried it for 1 week two years ago and it was difficult, so this’ll probably be

    slightly more difficult – but after a while it should be fine. Wish me luck!

    After lunch I volunteered to drive a friend from San Jose airport back to Santa Cruz. Picked

    her up and everything was fine until I noticed smoke coming out of the hood. Within a few

    minutes the temperature gauge was at its max and I was frantically looking for a gas station.

    Even better – I found this place called “Radiatorland,” which was perfect, because my radiator

    was the thing which was screwing up. There was a leak somewhere and antifreeze was spraying

    everywhere – the whole place was covered in green slime by the time we had opened the hood.

    Soooo it cost me $430 for them to replace the radiator, coolant, and thermometer, and my

    friend who I had just picked up and I had to sit around at a nearby cafe for two hours and do

    nothing. At least it was two hours and not two days. And it’s always nice to have new car

    parts. I guess.

    And now I am in class! Taking Structure of Japanese which seems like it’ll be pretty laid-back.

    No sections, no homework over the weekend, 5 out of 7 assignments count for a grade. I think

    this is a good omen!

    damn son

    Well I feel silly. I of all people should have known that the Porter dorms aren’t open until tomorrow, and now I’m down in SC without a place to stay. Costs $50 to stay the night. I could always sneak in but I’m not sure if I really feel like doing so.

    I’ve called a few people to see if I could crash… haven’t heard any word back yet, but I’m hopeful. If you’re in SC (or the south bay would be fine too) and you might be able to put me up, then 415 342 7612. Thanks in advance. place found


    New Year's

    BTW for New Year’s I was surrounded by 4chan members who wouldn’t let me sleep until 6AM because they couldn’t stop quoting memes. At the same time my good Bay Area friends were a few towns away having a lot more fun than they thought they’d have, and I didn’t go because I didn’t think I’d have any fun there. It was probably the worst night of my life.

    Buuuut on the flip side I hung out with John and Stephanie and we had the best Chinese in Fremont and then went to the Hurricane Electric colocation center, where I was SURROUNDED by the Internet! There were 1200 cabinets of servers and my own website was in there somewhere. It was pretty humbling since that whole place probably only hosts a few petabytes of data and yet it was like a labyrinth.