Critique: Shareware

Hey guys I think I’m going to try something new with this journaling endeavor that is my journal tat is live! When I come across sites whose designs I find could use some work or are especially commendable for some reason, I’ll screenshot ’em, put some stickies all over it, and give a little summary. I’ll put ’em behind cuts, too. Here’s the first one:

Please I beg of you

Can we finally get to the point where we stop going HEHE SHITDOWS 95 and MICROSHITSUCKSSLOTH and WHERE DO YOU WANT TO CRASHES ALL THE TIME TODAY because of how crappy Microsoft’s obsolete, DOS-based operating systems used to be?

I’ve spent enough time in *ix (including Mac) and Windows environments in this modern day to conclude that they’re all pretty stable and all have their flaws, but not to the point where you can go “OH ITS A [whatever] PRODUCT NO WONDER IT DOESN’T LOL WORK LOL.”


First sentences.

January 1: Important announcement from Pirate.
February 1: Ask me any question and I will answer it.
March 1: Also: I’m REALLY hungry and it’s 12AM and I have no food and I don’t know what to do. :(
April 1: This year my blog will not be having any April Fool’s jokes.
May 1: Posting from PSP.
June 1: Maybe I should start seriously thinking I’m as important as I act.
July 1: <JeffreyAtW> OH GOD
August 1: Man Im feelin reel good heres a smily face. =)
September 1: bouncyfish had a startling discovery earlier – Gorillaz’ Feel Good, Inc. and Super Mario RPG’s Beware the Forest Mushrooms go really well together!
October 9: Hi Joe,
November 4: And we’re drenched!
December 1: Worst part about Dragon Quest 8 is such:

Google Safe Browsing for Firefox

I and a lot of my friends have been getting emails recently that say “log into eBay or PayPal or whatever to confirm your password or whatever…” basically something that wants you to log in to their website to “confirm your information” or something. It only takes a simple mouseover of a URL to find out that the page is spoofed, but sometimes even that’s not enough.

I haven’t tried this plugin myself, but it sounds like a very smart idea if you’ve been getting suspicious emails like this and don’t know what to do about it. It’ll tell you straight off the bat whether the page you’re on is real or not.

What’s that, you don’t use Firefox so this won’t work? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

On an unrelated note, blogging from bed is a pleasure I can’t believe I’ve lived without up until now.

Home for the holy

Hello and welcome to Winter Break! Stephanie and I will be your hosts.

We’re heading to Marin tomorrow and we’ll be around the Bay Area (dad’s house in Marin, mom’s house in Vallejo) until early January! We probably won’t have too much to do (BECAUSE I THINK THAT GODDAMN RINGTONE BUSINESS THING ISN’T GOING TO WORK) so yeah let’s all hang out and do awesome things okay!

I'm convinced

…that no one really practices Scientology; it’s only used to make people feel bad. It’s like:

Guy: “Ohohoho we might be prudes but at least we aren’t Scientologists!!!”
Other: “Well actually I am.”
Guy: “Oh, oh man I’m so sorry I didn’t mean it.”

I mean, come on. XENU?!?