Livejournal day.

I can’t believe how much stuff just came out of my butt.

In other news, today was a good day. CAR will say otherwise, but that’s because it’s stupid and drawn a while ago. I was bracing for drama! I was sure there was going to be fightings and makings out and a whole bunch of other radical awesome things but there was none of any! But still it made for a really nice day.

Hung around the home and went to the fair around 2 with lildogg to meet pheardapowah, hydrant, and chillwon. Saw some animals, tried looking at the baby pig races but they were too overhyped and crowded, saw the usual art exhibits, avoided the rides, and ended up seeing the film festival, which was actually pretty good this year. A lot of good animation, including a short claymation one, done Wallace and Grommit-style in part by lalapalalapaza.

The east bay trio left, and then lildogg and I shortly met up with hellokaori, beauseizure, hastis_epigeios, Darren (no LJ???) and qf8. Trekked about a bit more, got ourselves some dinner (I got giant pretzel pouch stuffed with cheese and pepperoni for $4.50 – best food for best deal at the county fair EVER). Chatted it up with swivelmaster a bit about web design and DigiQuest (lol).

Time for fireworks was approaching, so we called captaincanada on down, but it really wasn’t worth him paying for fair admission, besides, the fair is REALLY crowded and uncomfortable around fireworks time, so we met him at the mall down the street and headed on up to the health center which overlooks the fairgrounds, but were told by the (rather nice) security that we weren’t allowed up there if we didn’t work there. So oh well. We just sat on the hill below and watched. Nice view. I offered to make out with captaincanada like old-time’s sitting-on-the-hill-and-watching-the-fireworks-ahem-paradoxx181-sake, but he declined. OR DID HE!%@#

Afterwards we were totally curious about what to do. hellokaori, beauseizure, and qf8 headed on home. Ended up going downtown and meeting up with darwins_own and some other Drakies and got some Double Rainbow. Ended up finding nothing else to do, and headed home. ‘Twas certainly a good day.

In other news, darkdragonalex is a self-proclaimed pedophile and needs to be told that what he is doing is wrong.

Okay, July 4th EVENING

Does anyone want to do what we did like 2 years ago and just go up on a hill and watch the fireworks from afar? Maybe not even the same one; maybe like, the open space behind TL… I don’t know. Just for people who don’t have plans in the evening of the 4th.

Also, if anyone else is planning some party, uh, I’d be glad to go to that too. :P


I wanna go to the fair with peeps on the fourth because I’m assuming not a lot of said peeps are working that day. What say you?