the vacation so far

lol lol, i’m typing in lowercase because i’m using my dad’s laptop, and the shift key is so freaking out of place that i don’t want to bother to pause to find it every time i have to capitalize a word. but then again, i still pause anyway because i’m not used to typing in lowercase. not even on aim. scary, huh? and yes, it was difficult to type that question mark just now. anyway, CAPS LOCK TIME.

I’M HAVING A BIRTHDAY PARTY ON THE 26TH. KWANZAA. MY 18TH BIRTHDAY. YOU ARE INVITED IF YOU RSVP TO THIS. i don’t know what i’ll really be doing, but it’ll probably be something simple like restaurant/hang at jeffo’s house. i want this to be big – i think i had my birthday party at max’s restaurant last year, but only a few people came. adam and bryan made me a box with a print out of a broken image-image in it. it was awesome, but that was like my only present. so everyone is invited. like seriously to the max. it is on the 26th, though, so i hope everyone’s home for christmas.

what’s been happening. i will tell you. i already beat ffx-2 since i bought it a week ago. 65 percent completed. i started doing new game plus, but i don’t really feel like playing through it again. the game was good. the ending was a bit disappointing. the whole game was definitely not as good as ffx, but the long cinema sequences were rather nice.

i went down to fremont a few days ago with andy – that code took about 30 seconds to type, goddamn shift key – and met up with oniko and saku. we hung out at mgl. some guy witnessed my 3 greats on mahou no tobira and said wow duderz you need to go to our tourney on friday and i was like ok lols but i didn’t go when the time came. oh, and a lot of gf and dm was played too, with tamayura and cosmic cowgirl up the wazoo and gf10’s new potpourri de marmalade. tomosuke’s orange lounge stuff is awesomes.

it’s the second day of hanukkah – for the first night, i went to hannah’s house and fooled everyone else into going too, by lying that wishnack would be coming. stupid fanboys. but good times were had anyway. we wanted to watch that never-aired jewish episode of family guy, but hannah’s dvd remote was nowhere to be found. but we had real potato latkes and it was good. not to mention those little pretzel bites with peanut butter in them.

the next day i went to my mom’s and we had a good ol’-fashioned second night. if you’re confused, days of hanukkah start in the evening, like a lot of jewish holidays, so although it’s the second day today, the second night was last night. confuzzling. my mom got me a shakespeare magnetic poetry kit which is awesome because we have a mini fridge in our dorm, and seeing that neither my roomate nor i are much of interior designers, this’ll add teh spiec to our room. or not because the fridge door faces away from the room’s door. but whatever it’s awesome nonetheless.

i went to my high school’s alumni day, for which i forgot to rsvp, but still got to talk anyway about how my former roommate is so much of a throw-up-queen. out of the 20 tl alumni, i was the only one going to ucsc, and i hope my awkward reputation as an alienated soul during high school didn’t skew anyone’s perspective of my current school. i have nothing but goodness to say about ucsc itself. oh, and then we were treated to caesar salad and meaty lasagna. we were like wtf the school is providing this food to us and it actually tastes good, wtf.

been hanging out at starbase with chris these last two weekends. it’s fun. last week i watched the green mile and fell asleep with his roommate’s ferrets crawling all over me, and then this week, andy, his friend alex, chris’s friend randi, and i watched two episodes of enterprise. faith of the heart.

seeing as it’s been more than a week and this is really all i have to report, you can take it that things have been slow. there’s just been a lot of ps2 playing and now that i’m done with ffx-2 i hope there will be a lot of friend-hanging-out-withing in its place, because i was so bored today that i actually offered to help my parents out with yardwork, which must have been, like, the 3rd time since almost a decade since we moved into this house.

oh, and vnc is still rocking everyone’s souls. through it, i performed magic on conrad’s computer and got his webcam working, and i can still connect to my computer at ucsc if there’s anything i need to transfer or check on. too bad i can’t see how many thousands of gil i got from the items i auctioned in ffxi right before i left. i miss my tarutaru.



Oh yeah. I saw Return of the King with Conrad last night too. It was quite good. I guess this makes Lord of the Rings the best movie trilogy in history. What more can you want than Rotten Tomatoes ratings?!

FotR: 95%
TTT: 98%
RotK: 97%

Yes. For slightly more serious news, I have a question… it’s sorta like those survey things like “WOULD U HAEV SEX WTIH ME” and the like, but yeah, answer seriously. And answer whoever you are. Even if I’m on your friends list and you don’t know why.

What am I to you?

This isn’t a plea for compliments. In fact, it’s the contrary. I’ve duped myself into believing that I have no enemies and no one holds any grudges against me. If you can think of any negative traits at all, then by all means, tell me. I’m devoid of constructive criticism. Oh, and if all you can think of is good things, I guess that’d work too. :P

It's like rai-ee-aaaaaain

There was a power outage in my neighborhood from about 10:30am to now. The whole thing is pretty ironic, since I mentioned how boring it was here just before the power went out. Good thing I was really tired and slept through the whole thing – my dad, on the other hand, was not as lucky, as he had to code a program over the phone.

But now at least I’ll be able to pick up any messages that might have been left on AIM (since my UCSC computer is still on, and I use VNC) before I go out for the evening.

Oh, and my foot is slightly in pain since I sprained it the other day. I couldn’t walk yesterday, so it’s an improvement. Don’t think I’ll be playing that much DDR today. Maybe DMX and BMIII if we go to RTA…!


I’m out of school and totally completely bored to the max unlimited. I have nothing to do all next week, because everyone else around here is still in school. I didn’t bring my computer home, so I can’t play FFXI. I did bring some StepMania CDs home, but that should get old fast. And Xenosaga just doesn’t have the “sit-in-front-of-the-TV-all-day” value that I’d like.

So… uhm. For those that ARE out of school, like my fellow UCSC SF Bay Area people, we need to do something. Like go to the Metreon. Or just hang out a lot. I don’t know. I’ll just be so totally bored to … wait, I already said that. SEE?!

Oh and finals went well and of course everyone in the world loves my final project and it seems that it got a daily top favorite at deviantART and I’m the king of the world.

I also don’t have much money. I want money for Christmas, birthday, Hanukkah, whatever. Everyone just paypal me some cash or something.


Okay guys I’m taking my Calculus final today wish me luck.
In other news I’m coming home today but it’ll be late so I’ll probably just sleep and then do things with all y’alls later.
The comma key is for losers.

Porter Core Final Project


I’m FINALLY done with my animation and I have free time again. No more staying up until 7:30AM trying to finish it. Although I only did that once. Last night. Now it’s time for FFXI my other finals.

I did this for my core class at UC Santa Cruz. The description follows. Enjoy.

Jeffrey’s Encounter With Art
Jeffrey Faden

My final project is a 4-minute animation done in Macromedia Flash. I had my friends provide the voices, and I did all of the art, animation, writing, and otherwise directing. It took me about 72 hours of straight work (and about 200 mg of caffeine) to complete this project.

My intent in making this animation is to show that one’s identity isn’t necessarily so enigmatic that it has to be conveyed through an obscure art form that often makes no sense. What I’ve seen from past personal experience is that some people try to pass off quickly-made collages or marker drawings as something deeper than it actually is.

To further prove this point, this project required the most effort I’ve ever into any project. It’s not meant to strengthen my ego in saying that all this hard work is much more important and meaningful than others that might not have taken as much time, but it’s the fact that the form is animation, which I love doing, and that it conveys my identity by showing that I am passionate about what I like.

Another important aspect is the concept of humor in my work. I was originally planning on making something very different that would attempt to make people reflect deeply on it, but decided to pass that up for something that would be more enjoyable for me to make and for people to watch. And my humor is also a part of me, as I’ve written comics for years.

While this project might come off as a cartoon that ridicules the work of other people, it should also inspire thought into what the art world is comprised of, and it should show that perceptions of works of art can be extremely skewed based on the viewer.