Shucks!! …money…

Special brownies to anyone who got the subject’s reference.

Something hit me last night, and it was painful.

Something ELSE hit me last night, but it was more like an idea than a blunt object. Why shouldn’t I be going to Comic Con? I have nothing to do next weekend. It sounds like hells o’ fun. And although it’s geographically about 3 average-sized states away, it’s in San Diego, which is still in California.

I asked my parents about it this morning. They thought it was ridiculous, as did I, but they thought it was possible, as did I, but their main concern was money, as was mine. I don’t really have much.

I DO have some sort of job this summer. Despite the fact that I’ve applied to big lots of places (not including Big Lots, but uh… I said “big lots” anyway), I’ve ended up working with my mom on website design. This is nice, but it really just pays for food, which my dad and stepmom have decided to stop paying for for some really stupid reason.

Basically, my parents are being chinsey and making me pay for the whole goddamn excursion, which would include transportation there and back, registration, lodging, food, and of course, spending money for the wonders of Comic Con. I don’t see why they’re a little more helpful in the money department seeing as they haven’t given me any money since the summer started, but that’s life.

Another thing they’re concerned about is transportation there. I think driving my car (with 170000 miles on it) there and back is not a bad idea. They’re sure it’ll break down. I asked about taking one of their cars. They said that it’s still a long drive and that they want me to spend an extra $100 taking a plane or Greyhound. But then, of course, I’d need a car in San Diego. Really, I would. I can’t rent one – I need to be 25 for that – and although public transportation might be an okay idea, it requires just that much more planning.

Grace and Sophie have expressed interest in going as well. Grace says she’s going to San Diego one way or another, even if she doesn’t get the pass that her friend might have gotten her. It’d just be so much easier and cost so much less if I could drive. Know what the main problem about my money troubles is, though (Or, the problem about my problem)?

Remember when I blogged about that accident I got into on the freeway? It was a simple rear-end accident, but sooner or later I think I’m going to have to pay the guy about $500 for car repairs. That’s definitely coming out of my expenses. And seeing how I’ve already spent a lot of money on food, driving, and other activities, I might not even be able to pay that.

As I’m writing this, I’m starting to become very doubtful that this is a good idea at all. I just don’t think I’m in the financial situation to be doing this sort of thing. Unless someone wants to donate about $500 more to me through PayPal for the whole thing. Heh. Hah. Yeah.

Does anyone else have any suggestions? Is anyone else going there that might have room in a car or a place to stay in SD? Am I crazy for thinking of this 3 days before the con starts? I NEEED FEDBACK PLZ!!!!!!!!

Actual Meatboys!

We had a surprise “Going Awry” party for Brad, who is going awry to New Zealand, 4-EVA. Basically, Levi and Simon called Brad and asked him to go to TO, and when he got there, evaryone evar was there. And then you won’t believe what happened next – we played DDR.

And I played a lot of Dance Freaks, and passed the Extra Stage. Hooray. I guess that means I don’t have to play it anymore.
Additionally, this new guy working at the arcade is really nice and he turned up the sound for both the DF and DDR machines. Too bad they face each other.

I suggested we all go and see Pirates of the Carob Bean, but Levi had CAKIES ready at his house, so we all went over there. Brad opened his present for the big-o plane ride – a GBA with Wario Ware, Inc. Dude, that is seriously the best game I’ve played in quite a while.

We had cake. We also had that chocolate Shell stuff. A lot of it. And since everyone was scooping ice cream into their root beers instead of a bowl, we used the Shell for other purposes… like MEATBOYS!! We fished around in Levi’s fridge and found an uneaten Boca burger. And we proceeded in coating it and freezing it.

And the final result? To most, it wasn’t too horrible. Hmm.

Our next experiment, though, was ACTUAL meat. So we found a hot dog in the freezer, defrosted it a bit, coated it, freezed it, and tried it out. Everyone who tried it proceeded to spit it out, I believe. Hmm, that’s too bad. And to think, mole sauce (spicy sauce with cocoa) on tacos is so good.

And the best part is we got it all on tape. That should be up soon.

In the meantime, everyone else watched Zoolander. That movie is still dumb.

Now to bother Steve a lot about my computer, geez god it.

Baby, I'm So Paranoid!

I finished my first MIDI in about a year! I made it as a tie-in to the latest story arc in Let’s Dancing – it’s a swing mix of PARANOiA, called Baby, I’m So Paranoid! Yeah, of course it doesn’t sound 100% like Paranoia… I mean, it’s as close as it can get while being so melodic… and you can actually play it along with the song and it’ll fit in perfectly, since it’s the same tempo.

So I’ve put that on my MIDI page, along with another MIDI, Znyx, which I had composed as a request a while ago and never really put it up because 1) I didn’t like it much and 2) I was too lazy.

2397 Combo on World Tour, Classic, The legend of MAX, Genom Screams Double, bag Double

Geoff’s birthday party was roxing :D

He had the perfect idea of renting out Starbase for the evening, so everything was on free play. Best party idea ever. Along with the pizza (Amici’s sausage!) and cake (with ice cream layer!) and, like, the entire Drake crew.

And, of course, since DDR Extreme was on free play, I got a LOT out of that. I think free play makes me do better since I’m not scared of spending my money wisely by choosing my songs carefully – since I have to focus less on winning and more on playing, I do much better. The machine did crash a lot as usual, though, because of the faulty old CD-ROM drive, but hey, it was still free, so no worries. This is what I did:

World Tour Oni – I screwed up by mixing up two steps in Living In America, but after that I full-combo’d every song, including the jumps in Afronova. This gave me a final score of 7136 and a maximum combo of 2397. None of us had ever seen anyone go beyond a 2000 combo, so that was quite exciting.

Classic – The machine crashed two times earlier in the night as James and I started off on this course, but the third time’s a charm, I guess… I full-combo’d Saints Go Marching, and unfortunately James slipped up on End of the Century, but here’s the best part – during Kakumei, the machine froze yet again. Fortunately, I was on the left side and I was able to catch most of the notes after the game resumed, so I only lost 3 notes at once. But I started into it with a full meter and I full-combo’d the rest of the song, so I ended up with about 30 misses as the final result (since the machine catches up with the song after defrosting by skipping all of those notes :P).

The legend of MAX – I never noticed how freaking simple this song is. Despite the speed, I’d say it’s easier than MAX 300, just as long as you get the rhythm down. I chose it as my first song as sort of a joke, to psyche out the other player, but I ended up making it through the whole song. It was just surprising, really.

Genom Screams Double – I said I’d own this song sooner or later and I did. It’s worthy of its 10-foot status. Right as we were about to leave the arcade I decided to go crazy and attempt this, so just like I didn’t expect much out of LOM, I just stormed through this one. The freeze arrows with the simple quarter-steps really help bring your bar up, by the way. I can’t say I was perfect at the beginning part that goes with the melody.

bag Double – I tried this right after Genom Screams Double. And yeah, it was on 3x Solo. But you know, it’s still passing it. By a lot, I might add. After that I tried MAX 300 Double, and although I got to the freeze, the arrows after that are simply insane.

So yeah, that was my best DDR night ever, by far.

So afterwards we all drove over to Geoff’s for sleepovars, and I brought my anime collection. We watched Blood: The Last Vampire, two out of three episodes of Memories, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the two prologue episodes of Ruroni Kenshin/Samurai X, and in the morning we started off on Metropolis. And I had orange cream yogurt and Vanilla Coke for breakfast. Geoff knows how to party. :D

So today it’s mailing in a lot of forms for my “Wilderness Orientation” later in the summer, and starting off on website work with new client’s of my mom’s.


No, the title does not mean that I touched that piece of shit song. Augh, not on my grave… maybe in Nonstop Random, but not on my grave.

Come to think of it, I have touched on this before – I’m not a very emotional person. I can bored, sleepy, and energetic, but I’m never saddened by anything disappointing that might have happened, nor am I ever so giddy that my head explodes. I’m down-to-earth and I take things in stride. Sound egotistical? Well, let’s look at it this way –

Now look at all the bloggers who keep talking about how their life sucks. How something small is going wrong and they feel like hanging themselves because of it. They go on and on, asking why everything bad has to happen to them; why no one pays attention to them; them, them, them, them.

Here’s the difference, though! Let’s say I were to boast about something I recently did or something that recently happened to me. Lots of people would say “ah, shut up, go back to your fantasy land where people care and leave us alone,” as if the fact that I can be humorous in a time of despair makes me a horrible person.

But then the more emotional person would go on about their problems and why everything bad happens to them, and of course they don’t get a “shut up and be sad” – they get sympathy. And this sympathy causes a rise in the person’s esteem, and popularity among those who sympathize.

So basically, I’m saying that it’s often that when people complain, they’re liked more. It’s basically asking for attention, and while I don’t think people should keep their emotions quiet, I think that people who don’t turn their lives into drama should also be appreciated for what else they do in their time.

Even more basically: I be ego-man ’cause I have no probs.

FC+AA End Of The Century, Healing Vision Angelic Mix, So Deep

I signed up for my college courses for next quarter… and it looks like I’ll be sitting for one hell of a long time on MWF – I have three lectures on those days. Fortunately Tuesday and Thursday are basically study/homework days, with discussions and other kinds of tutoring sessions in the evening. I’m taking a Porter College core course, which touches on the arts, Math 19A, which is the most advanced Calculus class one can take due to a very high score on the placement exam, and Introduction to Programming, since I’m starting off on my intended Computer Science major.

Lots of stuff happened with my mouth today. First of all, I scheduled an appointment to have my wisdom teeth removed a month from now. That’ll be swell. I also went to the dentist, where I had my gums horribly mangled. Augh, the pain. Fortunately, my current dentist doesn’t use the twirly brush thingy on your GUMS, where you really don’t need them cleaned – just the teeth… but there was a heck of a lot of scraping along the gum borders. I guess I should submit to the pressure and just start flossing.

After not being able to eat/drink for an hour since I had this flouride foam stuff in my mouth for quite some time, I headed over to Time Out (we should start to refer to it as TO, it’s a defined acronym anyway), where I tested some songs that need to be Oni’d. I found that FCing End of the Century is quite easy, so I guess I will try the Classic oni pretty soon… and since I was feeling really good, I did both So Deep and Healing Vision Angelic Mix as my last songs, where I so freaking surprised myself with full combos on each. The songs have 500 and 501 steps respectively so I fainted with joy (jumping would not be possible after that) when I heard the guy go “500 combo!” But I sucked at the Extra Stage after both of them, needless to say.

Yeah. Had gym. Couldn’t focus on lifting things because my gums were so sore. After gym, I brought my car over to the full car cleaning station, where for the first time in about 5 the interior of the car was cleaned. It’s… so pretty… and it smells like vanilla, too. I also got a bunch of crap out of the car, and noticed that Sophie left her Lain soundtrack in my car and that Geoff left his sunglasses there… being organized feels so good.

I should be working on Let’s Dancing comics and LD #50 as well right now, but Brad’s recovered from the wisdom teeth procedure enough to head down to Starbase. He’s moving to New Zealand soon, it seems, so I don’t see why I’d pass up a few rounds of DDR with a fellow LD artist. So everyone go there tnoight if you can. I (and maybe James too) will give that Classic oni what-for!

Uh… Beat AZHP Scorewise

Yeah, I’m trying to have crazy DDR accomplishments for all of my titles for my outings. I bet you got that by now.

This morning I noticed I didn’t have any plans for the day. I figured I’d try to get some Let’s Dancing #50 animation out of the way while talking to Steve about where my computer parts might be… for a minute or two.

But then Sophie got the urge to go to San Francisco and it was like the best idea evar, so before we knew it, we rounded up a rag-tag group of travelers at Starbase (her, Geoff, me) and went on our way.

Well to back up for a sec, I arrived at Starbase at 12. Starbase opens at 11:30, but come on, it’s not like anyone ever really waits at the entrance. So I got to see Bob drive in, turn all the machines on, and set up the arcade for yet another day of business. It was really cool to see all the machines starting up, and making those low “bloop” noises to check the sound cards, and to watch the 5th Mix and Extreme machines race each other (5th Mix so freaking won by a lot). I think I’d really enjoy working at an arcade as some kind of summer job… too bad I got no reply to my application to Time Out.

Yeah, and Cole watched me play DDR and said that I was way too good at it. So he said goodbye to Geoff and us and we left for SF.

You don’t know how great it feels when you can find your way around San Francisco. It’s as if the possibilities have all opened up to you at once and you can do anything. We wanted to go to Japantown first. No problem! It’s on Geary! You just have to wait until you hit the street on Van Ness!

At Japantown, we checked out some anime titles (including some hentai titles, one of which had simply had a giant vaginal opening illustrated on the cover), I bragged about owning the really big-name ones, and Sophie ended up buying the Lain soundtrack. We took a look around an auto shop, where I contemplated turning my car into a RICE ROCKET, YO!

Speaking of that, where the hell did all this Initial D come from? Ever since I’ve been complaining about the horrible artwork in the video game, all these animes, mangas, DVDs, and car accessories based on it have been appearing. All it looks like to me is some stupid shonen cartoon with really ugly guys in it.

We (or more likely, I, who was the only hungry one) ate at Isobutane, or something Japanese that sounds like that, where you serve yourself by taking the sushi off of the little rotating floating boats. I like the color-coded price idea. I kept it under $20, fortunately. :P

INTERMISSION: Watching myself on the webcam is probably the most fun for me than anyone else watching. *waves*

So after lunch we looked at some magazines in the Japanese book store (and Sophie looked for a “got soy?” t-shirt, since they had “got rice” and “got sushi”), we didn’t buy anything, and we left, yo.

Next stop was a comic store down the street, which had been recommended to Sophie. Yet again, I didn’t buy anything, but Geoff got some Vasquez stuff and Sophie got some Mahfood stuff (as well as some comics about LESBIANS!). Nostalgia hit as I saw “vintage” episodes of Sonic the Hedgehog on display – I remember buying those comics when they were new. Anyone else remember the cover with a time-lapse picture of Sonic running through a loop and his facial expression changing every time?

Seeing as we had not much else to do, our next stop was, of course, RTA, where I saw AZHP, back from his vacation to Japan. I guess he was having a bad DDR day, since he got *gasp!* over 30 GREATS on xenon! How horrible is that? :P

Yeah, and pertaining to the title, I kept a better combo than him on stoic, although he of course beat me Perfect-wise. Uh, great.

So, the three of us got some clam-based dinner product, I bought CHOCOLATE ROCKS!, and I drove’em home, as they were engulfed in their silly comic books. Pfeh.

So today was a day that certainly did not go to waste. I am proud.


Anyone Who's Ever Gotten Drunk Is A Total Moron!

I think people misinterpreted my previous blog. I didn’t mean to make fun of people who get drunk a lot. I just tried presenting it in a humorous fashion, mostly. I don’t think I’m better just because I’m sXe (oho, new acronym I found, sounds like “sexy” – but I’m trying to be modest here), I just wonder why people wish they were more like me.

Here, I’ll present a few more points that will seem to make me sound better than everyone else – I’m intelligent. I have a high IQ. I attribute some of the choices I’ve made in the past to the fact that I can think more independently than a lot of people. Those who might not be as sharp succumb more easily to group activities, like drinking and doing drugs.

The obligatory disclaimer is that some people DDR (drink and do drugs, gahah) by choice. I know that not everyone who drinks is stupid. A lot of people (and the majority of people I’m friends with who choose to do this, come to think of it) are very smart and they still choose to have fun at parties this way. I just have to freaking emphasize that I’m NOT against doing this, and that’s leading to my main point –

Sometimes I wish I had lived my life differently. Just like any elementary school nerd strives to fit in, I’ve always wondered what it’d be like if I wanted to party hard and experience what lots of other people experience. Instead, I’ve decided to not do all that stuff. My question, though: is it so much better that I don’t do it? Everyone says it is, but they’re the ones having so much fun while my free time activities seem so… limited, you know?

I guess yukon makoto (and many others) is right when she says that drinking and drugging and all this stuff is what you do when you can’t think of anything fun to do with your time… but then again, DDR every night of my life also gets a bit tiring.

Huh. I guess what I wonder about is whether it’s too late for me to adopt a lifestyle like that. Is my lifestyle so rigid, and is my claim to straightedgedness so important… and based on what I’ve already gone over… is it WORTH it?

Nah, probably not.

Random Throat

People get into talking about drugs, smoking, alcohol, etc. Conversations abound, like “whoa, you won’t believe what I mixed yesterday” and “damn, I must have been throwing up for two hours straight” and “then we had a giant orgy, it was the best night of my life,” stuff like that, etc. etc. etc.

Then they come to me and ask me about my amazing party experiences where I jump off a building covered in vomit with a BAC of 10% and then break my clavicus majoris and have the greatest and most awesome and time ever (with two hot lesbians), and I tell ’em that I don’t smoke, do drugs, nor have I ever gotten drunk.

Then they sober up (whichever way you want to interpret that) and say that they have a lot of respect for my decision and they wish they could have been more like me.

Then they go back to having wild rampant sex and celebrating, celebrating (every night’s the night). What the fuck, I say, what the fuck.