Boy, am I excited. Although it may not seem so by my writing because I’m not overusing exclamation points, nor am I writing everything in capital letters, but I’m typing this on a laptop, which I’m currently swinging over my head while jumping on my bed, listening to Britney Spears. You get the drift. I’m excited, okay?

It’s because I’ve finally been set up for an interview with a company for an internship through the Marin County Office of Education’s Regional Occupational Program, and it’s the company of my choice. It’s called PlanetLink, a company in neighboring Novato which offers website design and hosting. While the design for their own site is nothing to brag about, examples of their clients’ sites are pretty sweet. It looks like I’ll fit right in… just as long as I don’t stutter during my interview. I’ve heightened James‘s self-esteem so much in the last year that I’ve forgotten about myself, and I’ve transferred the stutter from him to me. Hence, certain morons in some of my classes at school like to make a scene by banging their heads on their desks, while I’m trying to let something out in words that I could just easily type up here. Eh, but I’m going off-topic.

If the interview works out, that’s what I’ll be doing over the summer – getting job experience. I’ll be able to see how my skills compare with actual paid workers. And in my free time (which I’ll actually have), I’ll be getting to those MIDIs, teaching Tiya piano, and exercising (mainly through DDR). And all this is just around the corner… right after I bomb finals, screwing up my junior year so I don’t get accepted to any colleges. Fun times.

And NOW for the latest news about the Voice of Troy. Seems that idea about publicly posting my original blog about the Voice of Troy has been overblown among the Journalism class. My mix of insults and constructive criticism has been narrowed down to just insults, and although freelance work is supposedly accepted, they’ve almost pushed me to the point of joining the class to get any serious response from them. Just for the record, I am not joining. Joining on the basis of revolutionizing the newspaper could result in failure of my goals, and then I’ll just be contributing to what I’ve been trying to stop.

And I’ll announce it loud and clear for everyone to hear (right, like everyone at school reads my website for fun): I was WRONG in my article. I said that the Voice of Troy has been online for ONE year. I meant that I haven’t been reading the online oxymoron for TWO years. Now that I’ve corrected my mistake, I guess I’ll go along with my plans to create an alternate and better-known school news-PAPER.

Well, my little opinion (2 blogs down) is being considered by the current members of the Voice of Troy, and I’ve decided to take Journalism next year to help out with my goals. Yay. But right now, I bring you a quick little book I put together this morning. I’ll put little captions under each image if they’re unreadable.

(It’s a double entendre. You’ll get it in a second.)

“There once was a boy.” (Get it? Pop-up book? Pop-up ads?)

“He discovered the wonder of the internet.”

“He surfed it all day and all night.”

“One day, he came upon amazing free services.”

“The free services went down the tube.”

“The boy started succumbing to pop-up ads.”

“He became the internet’s bitch!”


For Tenbuki With Love.

I never knew I could have so much fun (and ENCHILADAS!) feeling the homeless! And feeding them was good, too.

This minister of the, uh, soup kitchen (who reminds me of Voldemort from the Harry Potter movie which I saw yesterday and by god is this a long parenthesis) welcomed me and sent me off to the head cook, who told me to make sandwiches for 3 hours, then to peel potatoes, de-vine-fy grapes, and cut out all of the rotten parts of old cantaloupes for re-use. Although it sounds like slavery, it was rather fun, and I’d rather get credit by doing community service with foodthtuffuth then getting credit by doing endless math assignments.

So when a giant bell was rattled back and forth and it was time to SLOP THE HOGS!, I–

Insert break here meant for you to forget the atrocities committed in the previous incomplete sentence, and to move on while retaining sanity

Homeless people are really nice. I exchanged smiles with most every one of them, and even though many of them had probably been here every day for a while, they showed gratitude to us volunteers. So I served dessert (pies, cakes galore) for a few hours. Mr. nice minister man gave me 8 hours of community service. Hooray!

Then I drove around looking for James and ended up playing some DDR alone. And I went home and ate pizza. And then… nothing much. And…