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Mookie drew me and my car!

Tokumei made this before I started asking for guest comics, so it was just a little show of how GOD DAMN AWFUL he is. Besides, my dog hates peanut butter. Anyway, it is teh funnay, so you are teh laugh.

CAM goes insane and questions the meaning of life, and James cries, in this amazing 267,065 bytes of guest comic heaven. Applaud!

Almasy Marquis surprised me with this work. It fits SO freaking well with the cover picture of the game Kingdom Hearts. James is in the perfect place, 80's has got the perfect pose, and I've even got keys. Major w00ts.

Indogutsu "Big Tsu" Tenbuki narrows the distance between himself and me by talking about herpes and the like. But that's not all!

Indogutsu "Big Tsu" Tenbuki also sends me some advice about college applications. The punchline is great because all I know about Florida is that my grandma lives there, Disney World is there, and it looks like it's pissing on Cuba. Hro hre.

Indogutsu "Big Tsu" Tenbuki finishes up his guest comic submissions through what could be the worst play on names that ever existed. Truly commendable.

soy finishes up the first guest comic week with a whimsical comic in which she finally gets what she deserves. Oh yeah, me too. Muchos congrats, and the whole thing was made in less than a day. :P

Adam makes what might be the most sophisticated CAR comic ever.

Adam totally owns me and Conrad in this really bulky Flash animation. It's only really bulk because he put this giant unnecessary sound file in it. But download it anyway.

Tim tries to best Adam's genius but FAILS MISERABLY.

NeoMikey arranges my comic panels into perfect order and gives us the needed helping of Mr. T in this amazing work o fart.

Hannah chronicles some of the most epic moments in my car. This is simply a taste of the adventures that Hannah and I pursue. If you're blown away by this, you should see what actually happens in real life. (Optional sexual comment goes here.)

Bryan made this for my guest comic week a few weeks ago, but didn't finish it in time. He actually made this before I made CAR #50, but I didn't want to put it up before CAR #50, because this one is so freaking better and I don't like to be upstaged!

Jon_o_bob made this completely in Photoshop, and he sent it to me as a PSD with 22 layers, so for that you must applaud him. The joke is pretty simple - Southerners put Huck Finn on the Banned Books list, while the same folk actively participate in the KKK. It's all hilarity to us Californians, and some sort of a running joke among the people at our school. Now you can share in the hilarity!


PFunk goes totally Jeff K. with his guest comic, which I decided to put up much later than when he sent it to me, for some dumb reason. It's pretty much been done already, but hey, I think it's a compliment.

Mikosi's got the right idea with this fanart, which I've taken even more time to post on this site. She beats ANY of your cheap imitation knockoffs with this pixel-perfect "VANMOBILE" comic. Ha-HA! (Attached to the comic was a clip of some Ferrari doing this amazing hairpin turn and then spiraling back into it, and then the engine explodes. There's a definite correlation.)

Indogutsu Tenbuki has made me more guest comics, woototo. And boy, does he have the singing down. Seriously, when I first started making CAR, I thought I was just going to do musical numbers half of the time...

Indogutsu Tenbuki has no time to spend driving his silly car around the place! He's got more important matters to attend to...

Jon_o_bob gives the real reason why my mouth went into that giant grin a while back. I swear I get my tetanus shots, but that was a rather rusty nail that impaled my arm that one time...

Conrad completely deserves what he gets in this webcomic. I will physically do something harmful to him the next time I see him.

Conrad touches on some intimate subjects in this guest comic. And what a true portrayal does he give. ...Yup.

Here's a comic by Becka, a 5th grader who's a sister of one of my friends, done totally in MS Paint. Wouldn't you say that quite kicks some ass? She's getting a website of her own soon and I'll be sure to link to more of her comics. They're all very well done and pretty funny.

DUDE this is like wow hah teamup, written by James and drawn/co-written by Almasy Marquis. Wow. James and I are so like rivals in DDR that wow. I mean, Dance Jesus. Okay. Seriously.

This one's by James. 'Course, there's a story behind this one. As most of you know, James has got a case of TEH STUTTARZZZ. But his friend Nathalie lives in Palo Alto and he's never met her before - he's sure that if he ever does he'll be STUTTARZ ME TIMBARZZZ and chaos will ensue. Who knows?

By Andy Craig, yo. These are all real distractions that we instituted in the DDR tourney a few weeks ago. Hannah was a bit late, though, so she ended up screwing up the lower division when she wasn't supposed to. Well, you could say she still did her job. Kehehe.

Yes zor. CAM takes CAR to the Midwest, and turns me into a mailbox-smashing, celebratory beverage-swilling, Mary Sue Billy Bob Jackson-is-in-the-front-seat-ing hillbilly. Rejoice and you will be saved.

Well, this completely blows away any hope I had for any of my future animations to be the best evar. Thanks a lot, Bryan.

Worst fanart ever by evilflatkiwi, sorta showing the, er, role of James and me.

More worst fanart ever by Adam, and it makes no sense, but it has Cosby in it.

Even more worst fanart ever by Tim, and I'm black.

To Hannah, Jeremiah is a Super Saiyaiiayian. And my car is blue also with devilish red headlights. Wow.

Bryan wanted me to make this one but I was way too lazy. I think it came out much better with him doing it. And his goggles are still in my car... I think he intentionally left them there the last time he had the opportunity to retrieve them. Wow.

This was a quickie by Indogutsu Tenbuki, pertaining to this comic. Alfred Hitchcock rules, and ducks do not.

So I'm like on a plane with Tulio and Dreidelguy and Menoratron and a monkey and then Hannah decides to fly and then we explode and J4V4 flies out the window thanks to Senator Bartuk.

First guesting by dogthing. Mightily and extraordinarily okay and good fanart that most definitely keeps with the spirit of things. Hannah does this sort of stuff all the time, I can assure you.

Momo gives her adorable depiction of James at his not-so-best in this surprisingly well-done guest comic. She's his #1 fangirl, so she'd root for him anyway. In his extreme and adventurous endeavors. All of them. Can I stop talking yet?

Seriously, Almasy Marquis might make a lot of Kingdom Hearts-related stuff, but since when was that a bad thing? Here's an awesome depiction of what the keyblades of James and me might look like. He's got them down to the very keychains. And check out the random CAR pics in the fore-back-whatever-ground. Ah, memories...

PFunk takes the whole "car computer" thing one step further by likening his computer with my car. Let's just hope that my car doesn't crash as much as his computer.

Adam wins.

I blew up at PFunk for making this UNORIGINAL PIECE OF CRAP. Whoa, I just did it again.

I even forgot who made this one. Gah, who really gives at this point?