CrazyKimchi by Hyung Sun Kim - It's a random comic about Hyung and his characters from previous comics, along with two other comics, Kung Fool! and Glendale High Manga Club. He's an amazing artist, and quite smart, too... and he provides some very entertaining links with every update.

Diesel Sweeties by R Stevens - A pixellated webcomic about robots and romance. The humor's quite strange, but it's made me laugh quite a lot... and it makes fun of scenesters.

Digital War by Ewan Baird - An "adventure" comic about War and his uh, war against evil ISP's. It's got a lot of awkward action sequences, but he's improving.

Dominic Deegan by Michael Terracciano - I've been following this one since the beginning, and it's one of my favorites. Updated every weekday, this comic is loaded with top-notch action, drama, and humor. And it's one of the most unique ones I've come across.

El Goonish Shive by Dan Shive - What started as the usual "high schooler making dirty jokes" comic is now some epic story about a bunch of furries attacking the world, or something. It's really complicated, but it's somewhat addictive, so I'm hooked.

Elftor - A politically incorrect MS Paint comic, both hilarious and quite true. Don't read it if you're easily insulted.

girly by Josh Lesnick - An absurdist romance comedy by the creator of Wendy, and another one of my favorites. I've been reading Josh's work since the mid-nineties and he's only gotten better and better.

Kidd Radd by Dan Miller - A very well-written 100% original sprite comic about an 80's video game character and his adventures as he battles the Mods. If you hate sprite comics, you'll love this.

Lizard by Dave Kelly - I read everything by Dave Kelly, and this strictly-PG work of his is updated every single day. It's cute, funny, and often falls into crazy bouts of making fun of itself.

Mac Hall by Ian McConville - The average college dorm comic. It's quite amusing in its own right, but the astounding art is what has made it one of the most popular webcomics out there.

Mall Monkeys by Eric Drobile - I like to call this comic a "cut and paste plus" comic, as a lot of the art is copied, but it's drawn by one of the most talented young artists I've ever seen. And yeah, it's non-PC and disgustingly humorous.

Men In Hats by Aaron Farber - Minimalistic witty insight at its finest. The title says the rest.

Our Home Planet by GD - A sexy, stylish comic about two girls and a bunch of aliens. Quite well written, and pretty addictive, too.

Penny Arcade by Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins - Of course I read Penny Arcade. The most popular comic on the internet pokes constant fun at the gaming world, and Mike (art) and Jerry (writing) display an equal amount of mindblowing talent.

Purple Pussy by Dave Kelly - Dave Kelly's not-so-PG "comic for girls" is quite random, and quite hilarious. He experiments with different types of story, humor, and media all throughout the comic.

Real Life by Greg Dean - Dean's a guy with lots of parallels to my life, and he makes his mundane life very, very funny through his daily comic. It's quite similar to CAR, only less absurdist and more... smart. What's more, I hung out with Greg at a con once, and he told me that he's read my comic and enjoyed it. Woo!

River City High by Patrick Schulteis - The only River City Ransom sprite comic on the net. I can't see it getting any funnier or any closer to the feel of the game. It's also got some great Photoshop and Flash work.

Road Waffles by Eight - I can't really explain this one. It basically revolves around a group of people aimlessly driving through the desert, but that would be a total understatement. It's totally surreal, and very well written and drawn.

RPG World by Ian Jones-Quartey - Another one of my favorites that I've been reading since the beginning. RPG World is a humorous adventure comic with strikingly accurate portrayals of RPG clichés, and a good plot, too. Ian's my bud; you can see a guest comic of mine in the archive.

Sam and Fuzzy by Sam Logan - An awesome gag comic about a guy and his teddy-bear friend. I'd say it's reminiscent of Jhonen Vasquez's work, only the art is better, the writing is funnier, and it's much lighter.

Skirting Danger by Meredith Gran - A "superhero" comic about a girl in New York and her adventures as, well, a superhero. The drawing could be called "whimsical" and the cartoon style is well executed.

Stubble by Josh Mirman - The most "real" comic I can think of, even though the story's a bit cliché, and some of the events are over-the-top. The characters have some of the best development I've seen, though, and it's really great to see Josh's evolving art style as the comic progresses.

The 10K Commotion by Yukon Makoto - A true Dance Dance Revolution manga, with amazing art and characters. It's a story about two DDR teams and their battle for the grand price of $10,000 at a tournament in Hawaii.

The Morning Improv by Scott McCloud - The legendary Scott McCloud runs a daily webcomic, which features a bunch of short comics with titles suggested by readers. No matter the subject or medium, Scott's comics are greatly entertaining.

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