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Original Compositions - MIDIs of my own compositions.
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Q: What are MIDIs?
A: MIDI is an acronym for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. If you're a terminology expert, you can stop there. If you're anyone else... Basically, MIDIs are file types that contain notes to a song. This sequence of notes is interpreted by the computer, and an internal synthesizer produces the tones accordingly. Some say they are an alternative to MP3s, because of their small, small file size and ability to be played as background music for websites and games. If you still don't understand, just click on one of them to find out.

Q: How do you make these MIDIs of game and popular music?
A: Through a laborious process of listening to the original song, and writing it down note by note onto NoteWorthy Composer. There's no other way to convert an MP3 into a MIDI than to re-write the whole song. It requires perfect relative pitch, and perfect rhythm to make a good MIDI.

Q: Can I use your MIDIs on my website/for other purposes?
A: Yes you can, unless the purpose is stealing them to use under your name. In other words, you don't have to give me credit for making the songs if you don't want to, but you sure as hell shouldn't give yourself credit for making them. I'll come after you.

Q: My attempts at MIDIs suck! How can I get better?
A: Listen to my first MIDI, One Week, for the answer. All first MIDIs sound terrible. But you WILL get better if you stick to it. By making MIDIs, my pitch, rhythm, and music reading have gotten much, much better.

Q: Can you make a MIDI of something for me?
A: Not at this time.

Song MIDIs

One Week by the Barenaked Ladies - Hey, go easy on me, it was the first one I ever made.

Baby One More Time by Britney Spears - This one is better, but not by much...

Why Don't You Get A Job by the Offspring - I was starting to get the hang of it with this one...

No Scrubs by TLC - A pretty good one, despite a flaws with the drums.

Millenium by Robbie Williams - I finished this in one night, I couldn't get it out of my head.

Livin' La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin - Very accurate, if you ask me.

Kyle's Mom's A Stupid Bitch by Eric Cartman - The hilarious song from South Park, only with too much accordion.

All Star by Smash Mouth - About half of it is listenable.

Girls by the Beastie Boys - Needless to say, this was easy to make.

Theme to Aah! My Goddess! Aah! My Goddess! (duh) - A neat anime theme from a neat anime show.

Back at One by Brian McKnight - This one was requested by John Siy.

The Bum Bum Song by Tom Green - I had fun making this one, having to listen to the song over and over... :)

Pardon Me by Incubus - After learning the art of the Multi-Point Controller (that controls volume, panning, pitch), it was much easier to make this song.

Sugar by System of a Down - I'm a bit disappointed with this one, because there was no real sund melody to it, and I couldn't get the guitar to be loud, overdriven, or distorted enough...

The Real Slim Shady by Eminem - My first attempt at doing a rap midi. It's a little boring because of no melody, but it's worth a listen.

655321 by the Lavender Hill Mob - I planned to use this for a game. It came out well, but that's really not saying much.

God of Emptiness by Morbid Angel - A really dark death metal piece, requested by Nickolaus Pacione.

Gohan's Theme from Dragonball Z - An 8-minute-long piano piece with the tempo and dynamics placed perfectly. It might be an achievement, but I'm never doing it again. Requested by Hellfire104.

Piano Bar from Cowboy Bebop - A short, fun jazz tune from the anime, with perfect dynamics. Requested by Hellfire104.

I Love You by Faith Evans - A song with a nice melody and repetetive rhythm. Requested by Brian Young.

"Herbie" by Anonymous - A small, simple piano melody reminiscent of Herbie Hancock, done by request.

Romance from Noir - By commissioned request of Hellfire104, a small piano MIDI. Its timing is rather precise in comparison to the original.

Presto by Osamu Kubota - A song from my favorite game series, beatmania IIDX. It's the first MIDI I actually felt like making in a few years without having anyone ask me! :o

Game MIDIs

PokÈmon Theme from PokÈmon - Just the simple Game Boy theme. I think I made it as a joke or something.

PokÈmon Beginning Battle from PokÈmon - The battle before the theme. Also just a joke.

The Ballad of the Wind Fish from Zelda: Link's Awakening - An overly dramatic version of a little melody from the game.

Wario's Theme from Wario Land II - I chose weird instruments, but here's his theme.

Chu Chu Rocket Commercial - ROCKET WA SU-GO-I!

Attack on Dollet from Final Fantasy VIII - A GREAT MIDI from one of the the coolest parts of FF8.

Victory - A Gift of Spring from Chrono Cross - Sounds a bit too synthesized at the beginning.

Pass Through the Forest from Threads of Fate - ToF has such great music. Too bad it was such an unpopular game.

Battle Theme from Final Fantasy IX - The first FFIX MIDI ever made.

Vivi's Theme from Final Fantasy IX - It's lacking the input from the right speaker of the song, but that's because I made it from an unofficial MP3.

Aloha de Chocobo from Final Fantasy IX - It lacks the bongos, also because of the right speaker problem.

Iifa Tree from Final Fantasy IX - Requested by a chat user.

Melodies of Life from Final Fantasy IX - The game's main theme. I'm so proud of myself.

The Airship, Hilda Garde 3 from Final Fantasy IX - Another one of Uematsu's generic airship tunes...

Kids Run Through the City Corner (Piano Version) from Final Fantasy VI - From the FFVI Piano Collections. The tempo and volume changes took a while to do.

Time Devourer from Chrono Cross - I couldn't get this MIDI just right, but it's a great song anyway.

Orphanage of Flame from Chrono Cross - Great battle music... I don't know why it wasn't used for that though.

In Zanarkand from Final Fantasy X - The first FFX MIDI ever made.

Pesu's Title Screen from Incredible Crisis - I originally said I'd make a MIDI of every song from this game, but gave up after one.

Suteki Da Ne from Final Fantasy X - FFX's pop theme. According to some, it sounds better than the original, because of Rikki's mediocre singing and the odd cello playing. So I guess you could say it's pretty accurate.

Battle Theme from Golden Sun - Motoi Sakuraba is a great composer, but his work on Golden Sun is rather mediocre. I like the battle theme, though. It's pretty catchy, yet really simple.

Piano Lesson 1
Piano Lesson 2
Piano Lesson 3
Piano Lesson 4
Piano Lesson 5
from Final Fantasy V - Done by request, these are just simple little ditties played while Bartz practices on the piano.

Overworld Theme from Golden Sun - Requested by Raichu86. Since the original song is so simple, it was pretty easy to make this one.

Utopia by ☺, from in the groove - Really, really catchy song. Fun to dance to. Easy to make a MIDI of!

July by ☺, from in the groove - Another catchy, upbeat song. Made it just a day after Utopia - I'm in the in the groove groove.

Original Compositions

Absolutely Insane Wrestling - A song I made for an online wrestling federation. Don't think I like wrestling or anything, though...

Hedgehog - I made this for my sister, it's pretty catchy.

3 And A Half Nougats Of Crack - My friend thought of the melody and the name... the name's fitting, though...

Skyler - The theme of a character I roleplay with. Very lively... maybe a bit too much =P

Skan (Old) - The old theme of BobCFed08's character.

Battle - The battle theme for a project at the Midgar Swamp.

Untitled - Another proposed theme for the project.

The Swamp - A rejected theme for the Midgar Swamp.

Island of Oblivion - The theme for the Kingdom of Windor, a roleplaying town, after it was destructed.

Cable Modem Midnight Thwacker - My theme when I got a cable modem. As Aaron Jeweler once commented about cable modems: "imagine the porno!!"

Mundi Noctem - The theme for a roleplaying town called Mundi Noctem, run by Mikosi.

Skan - The new, improved theme of BobCFed08's character. A mix between Xenogears' Thames, FF Tactics' Tutorial, and FF4's Red Wings.

Cave Theme - I was going to use this song for a cave theme. It's sort of based on the mine theme from Donkey Kong Land 2.

Rest - For the aforementioned project; this is Skyler's theme turned into a rest jingle.

Inside the Mountain - The main measures of this piano melody were accidentally taken from Casper: the Movie. The melody must have come into my mind, and I forgot where I heard it from, or if I made it up myself. I assumed the latter, but many others told me I was wrong. Here it is anyways... and again, I didn't intend to plagiarize.

The Scheme - Inspired by Plum, a character from Ian J's RPG World. I played this before listening to the ending of FFIX, in which there is a very similar piece.

Final Battle - An intense piece focusing around the piano as the main rhythm. Sounds like it would be a good final battle theme, or at least a good "decisive" battle theme.

Ryeth Battle - A battle with the same melody as the previous one, for Lucas of FerretSoft.

Ryeth Theme - A Sakuraba-inspired theme, for Lucas of FerretSoft.

Ninja Chef Ayaka Theme - An upbeat J-Pop tune for the video game Ninja Chef Ayaka by Scott King.

Znyx Battle - A requested song for a project called Znyx, which revolves around the main melody - it's almost like a mix of two songs, since it starts off orchestral, and then turns more electronic.

Mood Swings - A quick song I did, focusing on the drums. Sounds very video-game-ish. It's titled due to the abrupt changes in tempo.


Ragnarok from Final Fantasy VIII - This was the Ragnarok Airship theme, and I made it orchestrated for the character Ragnarok's theme for my project.

Saganigma by Tyvek Liinhaal - I turned it into a battle theme by adding drums and making it faster.

NES Battle Theme from Final Fantasy IX - I made all the instruments square and triangle wave to make it sound like an NES song.

NES Final Battle from Final Fantasy IX - I think that Uematsu's intention was to make the last battle sound NES-ish.

Serene Weather (Piano) from Tales of Phantasia - This is the exact way I play this piece on the piano. I really like the ending part.

Baby, I'm So Paranoid! - This is a swing mix of PARANOiA by 180, a Dance Dance Revolution song. It fits in perfectly with the song yet all of the hardcore jungle techno elements have been replaced with swing ones.


Skyler's Overture by Ragnarosen - Ragnarosen made this great medley of my two compositions, Island of Oblivion and Inside the Mountain.

The Scheme (piano) by Brian Young - Brian made this great piano version of my song. I love the tempo changes in this one.

Ryeth Battle Remix by Lucas - Lucas remixed his own battle theme, making it a mix of a piano and percussive remix. Great job for his first remix!

Skan's Theme Remix by Jeff Griep - Interesting version of the Skan melody, with very dynamic chords, great drums, and a nice choice of instruments.

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