Before I go off on my life story, I'd like to emphasize that you'd get to know me best through the rest of my website. My blog has my opinions, thoughts, and yes, from time to time I do write about what I do on a daily basis. And my comics and MIDIs are, of course, another big part of what I am. But yeah, on to the statistics.

Name: Jeffrey Carl Faden
DoB: 12/26/1985
Birthplace: Fremont, CA
Current Residence: San Rafael, CA

I really need to emphasize that I feel guilty even writing this part. It'd be quite sad if someone read this and decided to never talk to me again just because of my physical description. But here we go anyway, since you all asked so nicely...

Height: 5'9"
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Drink: No
Smoke: No

How's about a little bit of history... I was born in Fremont, CA, which is in the East San Francisco Bay Area. After first grade, my parents divorced, I skipped a grade, and we moved to San Rafael, where I live now.

In Fremont, I went to Weibel Elementary School, and in San Rafael, I went to Vallecito Elementary School, Miller Creek Middle School, and Terra Linda High School. I'm now a freshman at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and I'm interested in studying computer science.

I've done web design since I my dad introduced it to me in 1994, and I often have contract jobs as a web designer. You can contact me if you're interested in having a website created - if I have no other projects, personal websites are free.

I don't play any musical instruments, but I have a collection of MIDI tunes that I've either composed or transcribed. In the past, I've played piano and performed in choirs - I have perfect pitch and tempo.

I've drawn comics since a young age, as well. I have a page of old comics that weren't originally online, and there are even older ones dating back to 1997. I have three online comics: Midgard, CAR, and Let's Dancing.

I play Dance Dance Revolution a whole lot. Besides my weekly gym training sessions, it's my main form of exercise. Difficulty-wise, I'm a Single 10-footer and a Double 9-footer. I can pass most Oni courses.

I drive a 1991 Honda Accord, and I'm sorta known for driving my friends everywhere. Don't worry, it's enjoyable. And of course, there's a comic about me driving everyone around.

I don't feel like going into how nice I am or how much looks don't matter and stuff like that - relationships in general aren't very important to me, or at least at this point in my life. I'm not a very emotionally active person, and I'm fine with that. It certainly doesn't mean I'm boring. I don't want to elaborate on my personality so much because you can really find out the most about me through my weblog.

But if there's one trait I can't totally convey through my writings, it's that I'm a kind, generous, open guy. Please talk to me if you ever feel like doing so. Just 'cause I appear joking and sarcastic from time to time doesn't mean that I'm not a good listener - I've been known to give good advice, too.

Additional information about me can be found on my LiveJournal User Info page.

No, I won't tell you what AtW means.