Frontend Web Development

Assignment for Week 9

  1. Download this zip with an HTML and CSS file.
  2. Include a <script> reference in the HTML file to the latest version of jQuery (available at the CDN Hosted jQuery section).
  3. Create a JS file of your own and include a <script> reference to it in the HTML file.
  4. Add behavior that makes clicking the "Add a new item" button create a new item at the end of the to-do-list, based off the first existing item. You will want to use these jQuery methods: Read up on the jQuery API Documentation to learn how to use these methods. A great help would be to download the Twitter client we looked at in class, as it uses these methods.

Extra credit:

  1. Change the CSS so new-field is shown by default.
  2. Change the JS such that the text in the new item is the same as what's in new-field. You will need these additional jQuery functions: