Frontend Web Development

Assignment for Week 15

  1. Create an HTML page with a sign-up form. Start with HTML5 Boilerplate if you think it will save you time.
  2. In the form, provide two fields asking for a person's Social Security number and date of birth. Don't do any JS magic yet.
  3. Next, provide a dropdown (<select>) asking for the state they live in. You don't need to provide all states - just a few.
  4. If you haven't already, add labels or headings above each field.
  5. Use an accordion to make only one field to be visible at a time, starting with the SSN. You will need to surround each <input> and <select> element in a <div> to make this work correctly. Also, cause the date of birth field to pop up a datepicker when focused. You'll need to assemble a custom jQuery UI bundle for this step.
  6. Cause the SSN to only accept 3 digits, then a dash, then 2 digits, then a dash, then 4 digits. You'll want to use the Masked Input plugin for this. No, we didn't cover this in class - you'll have to read the documentation and find out how to use it!